The management of "Danube Delta" R.A. Airport is concerned with maintaining and improving the security level, complying with the demands for security and the progressive improvement of the performances. It is the responsible for developing the work under safe conditions, the security of the operations priming ahead any other commercial, operational, environmental or union demands.

Each of the employees is responsible for the security of his own act. The external suppliers of services and products are forced to respect the demands for operational security, providing in this way, their own "Operational Manual and Security Program", being civilly and judicially responsible for all the acts which may disturb the operational integrity of the Airport.

- to enforce a security management system - to keep the risk of accidents and ground incident rays at a low level - to be able to predict and prevent possible present and future accidents - to determine the staff being aware of the importance of the operational security and of the need of respecting the procedures and also evaluate the regulations and standards.

Nowadays, the plane transportation is considered to be the safest ever existing. Respecting the international demands since the very beginning, "Danube Delta" Tulcea Airport is responsible for insuring that safety is number one priority. The complexity that follows the increasing of the aerial traffic and the technological progress has again demonstrated the need of coordinating efforts in order to permanently increase the security of the passengers.