In order to protect you from the most recent menace called liquid explosives, UE has enforced new security rules which restrain the amount of liquids allowed to pass with through the checking points. These rules apply for all passengers who embark in EU airports, whichever the place of destination might be.

This implies the fact that you will also be checked for the liquids you take with you, apart from the other forbidden objects and the handbags that are to be checked. The norm will not restrain though the quantities of liquids that one may buy in the shops situated outside the checking points or aboard the EU aircrafts.

The new norms wil be enforced beginning by the 6th of November 2006 on all EU airports, Norway, Iceland and Swissland, until further notice.

What is new?

When you pack your luggage
You have to know that only small quantities of liquids are allowed in the hand bags. These liquids must be kept in bottles of max 100 ml each. These bottles must be introduced in a transparent plastic bag with an easy opening/closing sytem.
The bag should not be more than one litre/pessenger.

At the airport

In order to help the secutity personnel to identify the liquids, there should be presented all the liquids in your possesion
- take off your coats, which will be checked apart
- take the laptops and any other big electronic devices out of the hand bags, which will be checked apart.

- water and other drinks, soups, syrups
- creams, lotions and oils
- perfumes
- sprays
- gels, hair gel and shower gels
- the bottles under pressure containing: shaving foam, other foams and deo-sprays
- pastes, including tooth paste
- liquid and solid substances mixtures
- make-up
- any other similar consistence objects

What is not changed?

Still allowed:
- to carry liquids in the luggage you report : new rules apply only for hand bags
- to take in the hand bags medicines and products required by a special diet , including baby food, for the travel; one may require to prove that these products are necessary for you to bring
- to buy liquids, like drinks and perfumes, from the shops inside EU airports, situated outside the checking points or aboard the EU aircrafts.

If these liquids are sold in special sealed bags, do not open before check in point on the transit airport or on the last transit airport if you are transiting several places.

All these liquids are in addition to the quantities in the bags with opening/closing system described above.