Romania owns a unique landscape - the Denube Delta. Before joining the Black Sea, the Danube creates a unique environment - the Delta. This is not only a natural landscape but olso the home of a unique wildlife.

The world of the Delta hosts many species of plants, and animals, including many endemic species. This unique water landscape of fauna and flora as well as the great fishing and hunting opportunities are special tourist attraction.

Within the county of Tulcea you will find the famous vineyard of Niculitel, the oldest geological montain structure in Europe, the Macin mountaines (today only small hills), monasteiries and ancient Christian artifacts from the first century A.C.

The city of Tulcea is the point where the Danube is begins to build the Delta. From the harbor of Tulcea you can take the boat tours of the Delta.
Tulcea is also the main city in the area, with important industrial facilities and an ongoing growth of the population at a very rapid rithm.