"Danube Delta" Environmental policy statement

We consider the environment as being a progressive system, made up by natural elements and virtues of the society, a system which must be protected and used according to the main objective of mankind, "lasting development of the society", for our own good and that of the generations to come. According to this goal, we wish that the impact of our activities upon the environment were less significant as related to the already acknowledged limits, joining, this way, the global effort of not compromising the possibility of coming up to the environmental needs for the next generations.

Therefore, "Danube Delta" R.A Airport will act for:

- knowing and fulfilling the regulations that are to be applied to the environmental protection
- identifying, forming and restraining the negative consequences of the activities upon environment
- informing the whole staff over the necessity of environment protection
- the enforcement of a good co-operation with the competent authorities
- the assurance of transparency and public report regarding the policy and the acts of the society regarding environment protection
- providing a permanent informing and searching background

General Manager
Albu Constantin